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Congratulations to Our 2019 Inductees!

The Delta Xi Chapter at Kent State University is honored to welcome 77 new members! On Sunday March 3, 2019 Delta Xi had the privilege of hosting our annual Spring induction ceremony at the Kent State Ballroom. Over 300 guests including inductees, friends, family, and nursing faculty attended this event. The chapter was grateful to have Dr. Barbara Broome, the Dean of Kent State University College of Nursing in attendance at the ceremony to greet and welcome new inductees. In addition, the 2019-2020 student interns greeted new inductees with inspiring speeches about the benefits and possibilities of being Delta Xi members. The Delta Xi Chapter and Board of Directors welcome all new undergraduate, graduate and nurse leaders to our organization. We hope that all new members will explore the benefits of membership and attend our upcoming events. 

Many thanks to Andrea Hallgren Photography for capturing such beautiful images from the ceremony. Photos are now available for your viewing! Take some time to relive the special memories by going to http://www.enjoyphotos.com, and fill in the following information- Username: sigma  Password: 25702sigma  Your favorite photos can be easily ordered with your credit card in a highly secure purchasing environment. 
~ Tamara Fox MSN, M.Ed., RN Delta Xi Faculty Counselor   

Empowering Nurses to Influence Legislation 

Sigma and non-Sigma nurses gathered on January 22nd at Kent State University Hotel and Conference Center to enjoy a night of networking, dinner and continuing education (CE). The Empowering Nurses event included two sessions of CE presented by Ohio Nurses Association (ONA), “Empowering Nurses to Influence Legislation” and “The Impact of Safe Staffing in Ohio”, and a powerful testimonial from Yvonne Smith based on her personal experience with legislators and how she first became involved. Tiffany Bukoffsky, MHA, BSN, RN, Director of Health Policy and Nursing Practice at ONA presented the two sessions and explained the process of legislation, the roles our senators and representative play in the process, and most importantly why nurses need to be involved throughout each step. The numbers of healthcare professionals in the House of Representatives and Senate are exceptionally low and do not include a nurse amongst the group. ONA advocates for nursing through monitoring and influencing these bills as necessary based on current evidence and consensus. Individual nurses bring an experience and knowledge that could make a great impact on the legislative process and the end game, laws or rules; These laws and rules often affect our nursing practice. Without nurses becoming involved, bills could be drafted, introduced and passed by persons without the knowledge or experience to speak to healthcare issues. Any nurse can participate in this process in a way in which makes them feel comfortable. For example, educating oneself on current legislation, using social media outlets to educate others, discussing these bills directly with legislators, indirectly through letters of support or contention, going to the state house and participating in a grassroots effort, or engaging in efforts through the ONA advocacy network. Safe staffing is a topic that most nurses are familiar with and understand the importance of, but many may not realize the finer details. For instance, Ohio is the only state in the country that does not require hospitals to be licensed to operate. In fact, Ohio hospitals are not mandated by a licensing agency, instead hospitals are required to create a staffing plan and are required to make it available to the public. This staffing plan is not enforced because there is no governing agency that could hold them accountable. Safe staffing improves working environment, job satisfaction and patient outcomes. ONA has been working on changing the way staffing is mandated for years but it is a slow process that ONA will continue to work with legislators to improve. These are two examples of issues in nursing that can be directly affected by nurses simply engaging in the process. I challenge you to find your passion in nursing, engage in an activity that may affect positive change to any aspect of nursing, and then send a summary of your experience to jburche1@kent.edu. Your experience may be featured on Delta Xi’s Website. I look forward to hearing about your journey. For more information about the Advocacy Network, membership not required, visit http://ohnurses.org/advocacy?

~Jamie Burchett, BSN, RN

Chapter President's Message:

Each biennium, Sigma installs a new president at the international level. At the 44th Biennial Convention, Beth Tigges, PhD, RN, PNP, BC was proudly introduced and installed, as the 32nd president of Sigma.  Each president presents a call to action to help guide members and chapters in fulfillment of the Sigma mission. President Tigges’ call asks us to “connect, collaborate, and catalyze” to advance world health.DSC_1590_copy.jpg

The initiatives of Delta Xi embrace President Tigges’ call to action and build on current practices to provide new and innovative ways to fulfill the mission of Sigma Theta Tau International.

Connect: To be the global organization of choice for nursing we must connect with fellow nurses across all disciplines to share what Sigma has to offer.  And to do so, we must maximize the use of the industrial sciences.  Delta Xi has taken the digital era by storm in developing social media platforms for outreach, adding digital video conferencing for improved communications and has improved Chapter web design to be interactive.  As we are at the precipice of the digital evolution, Delta Xi continues to be transformative.

Collaborate: President Tigges challenges us to be collaborative not only within the nursing realm, but also with other key players and primary stakeholders.  This is an area that Delta Xi continues to work on and has made many improvements.  In January, Sigma members from 10 different chapters, including Delta Xi, embarked on a medical mission trip to Haiti to provide humanitarian aid. Over 3 days Sigma nurses, in collaboration with Haitian interpreters, physicians, ministers and Foundation
For Peace staff, saw and treated over 1000 patients.  By continuing to expand our collaboration, we can further fulfill the Sigma mission.

Catalyze: In order to advance world health, Delta Xi members must be the catalyst for change. Delta Xi alone is filled with visionaries and nurse leaders from all walks of life.  So far this year, the chapter has engaged in policy by co-sponsoring Nurses Day at the Statehouse.  As co-sponsors we were privileged to speak on the Nursing Issues Panel.  In front of 400 nurses and policy makers, Delta Xi spoke on behalf of Sigma’s work with the United Nations and the importance of acting on the Sustainable Development Goals both locally and globally.  Riveting testimony was presented on changes that need to happen within nursing and how some issues are being addressed, such as H.B. 456, 111 & 191.  This event truly highlighted how imperative it is to have nurses on boards.

Without a doubt, Delta Xi will continue to be a shining exemplar of the Sigma mission.  I am excited and honored to lead this wonderful group of nurses across uncharted waters and to effect change.  Thank you to all who have helped during this transitional period!  I look forward to sharing all of our success with you in the near future! 
                                                                         ~Tracy M. Schwab, MSN, APRN, AGACNP-BC, CCRN



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Chapter News

  • Are you the next Leadership Intern?

    Now accepting applications for the 2019-2020 Student Leadership Intern position. Please go to http://bit.ly/2Xs6JG6 for more information & to apply. Application closes April 14th

  • Spring Scholarship Opportunity

    Our Spring Academic Scholarship is now open. Please go to http://bit.ly/2GP4abK for details & to apply. Application closes April 14th.
  • Spring Research Grants- Extended

    Delta Xi invites proposals for funding original research projects that address a substantive problem of interest to nursing.

    Deadline for submission of proposals is March 15, 2019. Applicants will be notified of the decision regarding the application by March 22, 2019.

    Completed projects are ineligible, unless funding is being sought for travel expenses for dissemination. Travel awards are limited to $500.

    For more information & to submit your proposal go to:
  • Looking to Volunteer with the Chapter?

    Contact Membership Engagement Chair, Laurie Robinson at lrobin40@kent.edu